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Fire and Ice: Survival in Harsh Habitats

I. Tundra and Desert: What Do You See?
II. Biomes: Determined Primarily by Climate and Soil
III. Tundra and Desert Compared

A. Physical characteristics: temperature, soil, precipitation
B. Plant adaptations
C. Animal adaptations

IV. Thermoregulation
A. Why?
1. Q10 generalization: For every 10 C increase in temperature, the rate of chemical reactions approximately doubles.
2. Enzymes: proteins that are catalysts in cells...make reactions proceed faster.

B. When people get cold, why do fingers and toes become cold first and why do we have the urge to urinate?
C. Mechanisms of heat transfer
D. Thermoregulation terms: poikilotherm, homeotherm, ectotherm, endotherm
E. How to avoid being too cold?
F. How to avoid being too hot?

V. Osmoregulation and Water Balance

Concept Map