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Marooned in the Galapagos

I. Scenario: Trip to the Galapagos to Learn about Evolution and Adaptation via Natural Selection

II. Life on a Desert Island

A. The Galapagos Islands
B. Climate
C. Island Variation
D. In-Class Survival Exercise (part 1)
III. What are Penguins Doing at the Equator? - The Galapagos Penguin
A. Where do the Galapagos organisms come from?
B. How do organisms get to the Galapagos?
IV. Shipwrecked How to Survive on a Desert Island
A. Land Iguanas
B. Marine Iguanas
C. Speciation by divergence of land and marine iguanas
D. In-Class Survival Exercise (part 2)
V. Relationships among Species Coevolution of Giant Tortoises and Cacti
A. The Giant Tortoise Testudo
B. Prickly Pear Cactus Opuntia
C. Coevolution of predator and prey
VI. It's a Cinch to Be a Finch
A. Adaptive Radiation in a New Environment - Beak Structure and Function
B. Natural Selection in Action Variation in Beak Size and Shape Does It Matter?