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Hogs, Chickens, and More!

I. Introduction

A. Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and Their Consequences
B. Human Population Growth and Its Effects on The Environment with a Reminder about Trophic Energy Transfers

II. Eutrophication: Effects of Nutrient Loading

A. Where Do Nutrients Come From?
B. Why are Nitrogen and Phosphorus Needed by Organisms?
C. Effects of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Increases in Aquatic Systems
D. Other Ways Humans Impact Aquatic Systems

III. Biogeochemical Cycles

A. Nitrogen Cycle
B. Phosphorus Cycle
C. Carbon Cycle

IV. Communities and Biodiversity

A. Do All Organisms Benefit Equally from Extra N and P?
B. What Is Biodiversity ?
C. Biomagnification

V. Coral Reefs