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The Rainbow Connection

I. Scuba Diver: Why do blood and red algae change color at different depths of water?

II. Rainbows and Color

A. What is a rainbow?
B. How do we see rainbows?

1. Eyes
2. Why do we see an object as a certain color?
3. How does information go from the eye to the brain?

C. What is the value of color vision?
D. What is the value of being a certain color?

III. Plants and Color

A. Can plants see color?
B. Can plants sense color?
C. What do plants do with light energy absorbed by pigments?
D. Why is photosynthesis important to plants?
E. What is this food and how is it used?
F. How could we measure whether this food is living?
G. What is photosynthesis?

1. Chloroplasts
2. Photosystems
3. Light dependent and light independent reactions
4. Photosynthesis equation summaries
5. How is ATP made?

IV. So what about our scuba diver?