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Family Reunion

I. Scenario and Introduction

II. Cancer and Regulation of Cell Growth and Division

A. What is cancer?
B. What regulates growth and cell division (mitosis)?
III. Information Flow
A. What is DNA and how does it store information?
B. How is DNA used to make proteins?
1. Transcription
2. Translation
C. How is DNA organized?
IV. Mendelian Genetics/Inheritance
A. How much genetic information is enough?
B. Genotype and phenotype
V. Sexual Reproduction: What's So Great about Sex?
A. Introduction: What promotes genetic diversity?
B. Meiosis
C. Genetic diversity in plants and prokaryotes
VI. Probability of Inheritance
A. Cystic fibrosis
B. Incomplete dominance
C. Codominance
D. X-linked inheritance
VII. Biotechnology
A. Genetic testing
B. Agricultural applications
C. Engineered microbes
D. DNA fingerprinting