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What is a podcast?
Podcasts are like radio broadcasts that can be downloaded to your mp3 player.  They are usually audio files (video podcasts are called vodcasts) that are available for download over the Internet.   One of the benefits of podcasts is that you can subscribe to them, much like you would a magazine.  Programs like iTunes automatically seek out and retrieve the latest podcasts to your computer so you don’t have to!  On this page are links to both audio and video podcasts of entire lectures and shorter lecture segments.  In addition there are podcasts of additional material designed to help you grasp those though concepts.

Why would I use podcasts?
Hey, I know you’re busy.  Podcasts can help you maximize your study time!  Another benefit to podcasts is that they allow you to listen to or watch material from class whenever you want, wherever you want.  Now, anyplace you can take your MP3 player, or your computer, can be a potential study spot!

Wish you had paid more attention in class today?  Are your notes on Natural Selection a little sketchy?  Download a podcast of the lecture segment to help you fill in all those blank spots in your notebook.

Is the exam next Monday?  Use podcasts to help you review concepts and study those troublesome topics. 

Podcasts can be a valuable study tool, but they are certainly not the only study strategy you should use.  Attending class, taking notes, and keeping up with assignments are invaluable to success.

Do I have to use an iPod to listen to a podcast?
No.  The name “podcast” is a combination of the words iPod and broadcast, however you do not have to need to have an iPod to listen to them.  Any mp3 player will work (a Zune, an iPod, even some cell phones) as well as Real Player, Windows Media Player, or iTunes on your computer. 

Do I have to use iTunes to download podcasts?
Yes, you must use iTunes in order to download the Biology course podcasts. However YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE AN IPOD in order to use the podcasts.

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If you already have iTunes installed on your computer, please click the link below to subscribe to podcasts.
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