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Diagrams, Worksheets, and Handouts
The following are diagrams and some other exercises that we use in class to figure out how certain processes work. Here are blank ones that you can print out and use on your own to describe and explain concepts, processes, or items that we discuss througout the semester. Look back at them regularly to help you review and to see if you can think of new connections. Not sure if you are correct? E-mail your professor and ask. Think of a diagram that we haven't included? E-mail your professor and ask.
For some of these handouts you will need the Adobe Acrobat Plug-in
Psychic Chart for Student Responses to be used during Psychics & Scientists
Attendance/regression Data for Psychics & Scientists
BIOL 1114: Equivalent Terms and a Few Warnings
Nephron Diagram for Fire & Ice
Electron transport system and Chemiosmosis in Cellular Respiration Diagram during Out of the Rainforest (p. 134)
A fill in the blank study guide for the inputs and outputs of the steps of cellular respiration
The story of cellular respiration in fill-in-the-blank format
Under what circumstances do processes increase or decrease in endotherms and ectotherms? Use this sheet to test your knowledge.
Axon Diagram for Chemical Defenses
Synapse Diagram for Chemical Defenses
How the axon works exercise
How the synapse works exercise
The process of cellular secretion exercise
Neuron Quiz for Chemical Defenses
Cell Secretion Diagram for Chemical Defenses
"Suitcases" (contents) for Marooned in Galapagos
An application of evolutionary theory to predator-prey system
A hypothesis for the evolution of Galapagos finches
Chemiosmosis diagram for Rainbow Connection (p. 107)
Light-dependent Reactions for Rainbow Connection (p. 106)
Connecting Respiration and Photosynthesis
Transcription/Translation Practice Sheet for Family Reunion
Translation/Protein Synthesis Practice Sheet for Family Reunion
Biogeochemical Cycles and Eutrophication in Lake Ten Killer
Eutrophication Worksheet/Homework
Review of some big ideas

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