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Psychics & Scientists
Research makes it happen

Scenario: A series of short scenarios will center on measurement of psychic phenomena, a faculty research question, a breath holding experiment, analysis of class score data, and answer the question "What is a theory?"

Concepts Taught:

Concept Map: 

  1. entire scenario

Examples of in-class discussion/thought questions:

Think about what you learned from the Psychic Experiment

From your reading of Chapter 1 in Lewis:

What example experiments are in the chapter?

From the Class Score Data

Major Terms Introduced:

Control Group
Control Variable
Controlled Experiment

Dependent Variable
Double Blind Experiment
Experimental Group
Experimental Variable

Independent/Manipulated/Predictor Variable
Interpret/Draw Conclusions
Observational Experiment

Sample Size
Sham Operation

Statistical Tests
Supported/Not Supported
What is Science?


Related Laboratory Experiments and Tutorials:

Lab 1:
Why are larger individuals of a particular species eaten more frequently than smaller ones?


Text Readings:

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Essential Study Partner (ESP):

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"Scientifc Method - An Induction Fable"

Think about what you learned from the Psychic Experiment

From your reading of Chapter 1 in Lewis:

What example experiments are in the chapter?

From the Class Score Data

Useful sites:


The site for your textbook Life by Ricki Lewis.

What research is going on in Zoology at OSU? Check this out!

FAQ about Vitamin O Take a look at the claims for this product. How would you judge it? Is it effective? Worth the money? What evidence would you use to decide?

"Virus Explained" - The author of the site claims that viruses do not cause diseases - How would you judge his arguments? What evidence does he present? What evidence can you find to refute this? What statements provide you with insight into the authors thoughts and motivations? How would you explain this to a friend or relative who asks you about it?

The Scientific Method Here is an exercise and introduction to scientific method from the BIO 104 course at Clermont College taught by J. Stein Carter. Starting with observations, she takes you through an exercise that helps you understand what you need to do to be a successful experimenter.

Philosophy of Science & Information Technology: (tm) This site has a series of on-line articles dealing with the history and philosphy of science, inspired by the work of Thomas Kuhn, an extremely influential philospher who introduced the concept of Paradigm Shift to modern science and has played a major role in getting scientists and philosphers alike to discuss sceience as a way of knowing. The articles are dense.

Scientific Method and Philosophy of Science Contains recomended readings on scientific method and the philosophy of science.

The Myth of the Magical Scientific Method The procedure that gets taught as "The Scientific Method" is entirely misleading. Studying what scientists actually do is far more interesting.

Textbook Flashcards

The website for your textbook has flashcards organised by chapters. You are only responsible for topics discussed in class. For this scenario, flashcards with the Major Terms Introduced can be found in:

Chapter 1: What is life? - How Do Scientists Study the Natural World?


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