- Finding out what's happening and getting in touch -


A list of answers to questions that students ask repeatedly. Look here when you wonder why? or how?

Meet your Professor

Profiles of the faculty teaching BIOL 1114 taken from the OSU or Departmental web pages. Learn what your instructor's interests are and a little about what they do when they are not teaching you. You will also find office hours and contact information.

Listserv Directory

Listservs are places for you to post questions, messages, etc. and read those of other students or faculty. Feel free to help your classmates here or request their help. E-mails sent to listservs are sent to your whole class.

New Briefs

The latest information for the course. Items of interest, new tutorials, important announcements. Etc. Check this periodically to be sure you know what is happening.

Guest Access
- Newly enrolled or Not enrolled in the class or at OSU? -

Introduction for Visitors

A description of the course and the content of some regional and national presentations on the course given at conferences concerning the philosophy and pedagogy of this course. It includes sample animation's, multimedia lectures, excerpts from the labs, etc.
Guide to this site
This primer on the site, what is here, and how to use it.

Live Bio Fish Cam

This LIVE webcam let's you view a tank of guppies live in full motion (~30fps). Primarily we use It for one of our pre-labs, but is also makes a soothing virtual aquarium for your desktop.
- When and where do things happen? -


A list of topics and dates for the current semester


A list of the investigations conducted in lab and the dates they will be done.


A schedule of open hours for the Learning Resources Center including times and instructor on duty.

TA Info

Where, when and how to find your lab instructor.
Lab Facilitators
In Fall semesters we are fortunate to have students who are learning to be secondary science teachers join us in teaching our labs. This is their schedule.
Syllabi: Lecture
The syllabus for the current BIOL 1114 semester (in case you lost yours). You can find the information about your instructor's office hours etc at <Meet your Professor>

Syllabi: Lab

The syllabus for the lab for the current BIOL 1114 semester (in case you lost yours). You can find the information about your instructor's office hours etc at <TA Info>
Study Materials
- The multimedia materials for the course -

Glossary of Terms

Brief definitions of the terms mentioned in the course. These repeat those in the textbook for common terms.


For those exercises where it possible, we have created on-line versions of pre-lab exercises. These may or may not be identical to those offered in the LRC. Whenever possible we attempt to offer the same experiences, however this is not always possible with "hands-on" materials.

Scenario Software

These are the multimedia materials we use in lecture. You can review the materials and use the interactive glossary.


These are the tutorials we have written here at OSU and mention in lecture or on the Website. Certain tutorials, e.g. those by Logal or by McGraw-Hill or A.D.A.M. are only available in the LRC for copyright reasons.
Some Study Tips
Suggestions for studying, managing your time, answering test questions, taking notes, etc.
Video Lectures
These are digital videos of the lectures for the entire course done by one of the professors. It is assembled over a couple of semesters, but all the topics are there.
In case you missed the one in class, these are materials that have been handed out. If you don't find it here, contact your professor.
Theme Tables
Use these to keep track of examples or applications of various select concepts that we use repeatedly during the semester.
Study Guides
- Essential guides and materials to help you learn -

Lecture Study Guides

These study guides were written to help you keep track of and connect the concepts mentioned in lecture. The study guides include scenario summaries, lists of concepts, lists of terms, links to concept maps, flowcharts, tutorials, handouts, diagrams, tables, and websites. Here you will find the list of textbook readings, Essential Study Partner assignments, links to McGraw-Hill's Online Learning Center and relevant study-guide-book sections.

Lab Study Guides

This are pages that will give you additional background material, lists of pre-lab assignments, tricks and tips, useful websites, and hypotheses that you don't want to propose. When you start to do your pre-labs or prepare your planning forms this is the resource you should check. Wanna know how the labs and lectures are connected? Look here!

Lecture Outlines

For those of you who like a conventional outline of topics in each Lecture Scenario

Lecture Flowcharts

We knew when we created a course that works like science in the real world that students would need some help in seeing how things are connected. Here is a valuable way of visualizing the connections. These are concept maps and flow charts that will show you how concepts are connected or how processes work. There is also a guide on how to use these or make you own.

Interactive Exams

These are interactive version of the exams given in previous semesters. If taken on line they will keep track of your score and estimate the time it takes you to answer the exam. Use these as diagnostics to identify weaknesses in your knowledge and to learn what types of questions we ask.
Knowledge Checklist
This is a list of "learner outcomes" - what you should know by the end of the course for each concept or topic. (still under development)
Preview Material
Before each exam you will find specific material that will be on the exam. Be sure to read through this so that you will not have to read it for the first time on the test. Feel free to discuss it with your classmates and instructors.
Review Sessions
The times and locations of the review sessions before each test. Be sure to come prepared with questions.
- Want to know how you are doing? -


You should keep track of you grades and talk directly to your lecture and lab instructors. To help you see where you stand, some of the professors will have grades posted here. (still in development.)
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If you can't remember your password (the "default e-mail password" issued to you by CIS), look here for how to retrieve it.
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If you want your e-mail forwarded from your "" account to some other account (e.g. hotmail), follow the directions here. This will also redirect the listserv mail.

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